Fractals in Maple

Fractal pattern
Fractal pattern

This Maple Coursework explores Fractals.

Fractals are a common feature of nature. They are self similar objects, that is that as they are examined on a smaller scale a pattern similar to the larger scale is produced. As such fractals have a dimension which, unlike a common 1D or 2D shape, is not an integer and takes a value between 1 and 2. Fractals are very common in nature (coast lines, ice formation, growth) and so measuring their dimension is important in our understanding of fractals. In this coursework, a boxcount function (which was provided) is used to calculate the fractal dimension of three given fractals.

In this coursework the dimensionally of three fractals was measured using a boxcount function. Below is an image of the supplied frac1, with an overlay of the grid used to count the number of occupied boxes.

The three fractals measured were:

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